We are a part of Didier L Consulting Ltd, an expert group specialised in various aerospace analysis and other consulting tasks. PHŒNIX AERO CONSULT is one of Didier L Consulting Ltd brand's names created by Didier Lenormand, a former Marketing Executive with a leading European Aerospace company for several decades, working in various functions related to the economy of civil air transport.


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PHŒNIX AERO CONSULT services are developed around a group of life long aerospace experts. Each of us offers a wide scope of working experiences in various domains of air logistics and air transport such as airline management, OEM expertise, aircraft competitive analysis, aircraft trading, traffic forecasting, market/competitive analysis or air cargo marketing.

Potential scope of work relates to these various skills, stretching from:

  • Air Cargo Logistics implementation 
  • Multi/inter Modal Analysis, Transverse Analysis for Cargo
  • Market Trend and Economic Analysis, Market Research
  • Aircraft Evaluation, Traffic Forecast, Fleet Planning and    Aircraft Competitive Analysis
  • Aircraft Sourcing and Auditing,
  • Passenger to Freighter Conversion Program Management
  • Start-up organisation, Business Plan set-up & follow-up
  • ... etc.

For anyone of these tasks PHŒNIX AERO CONSULT will structure a group of experts who will provide timely solutions, support the elaboration of reports, audits, and other synthetically documents as appropriate.